About Us

Magri Turismo is a company created in 1973, now one of the leaders in the domestic market with strong experience in tourism in and out of Bolivia.

Magri Turismo is a dynamic and dedicated group with different areas of expertise, communication in different languages and with a goal to be the best for a personalized customer service.

Tourism in Bolivia. In order to show the world the rich cultural and geographical nature of Bolivia, Magri has created  an extensive network of operations in the country that provide access to tourist attractions in close or remote regions. We have specialized in two different areas:

  • Cultural or classic tourism, showing the main attractions of the country in  comfortable and organized tours.
  • Adventure travel, one of the most comprehensive and best in the country. Permanently dedicated to exploring new destinations, it has all the modern first-quality equipment required in the various programs of special interest, such as trekking or mountaineering.

Tourism around the world. The outbound department has created a great deal of leisure travel programs from the most exotic dream beaches to cultural tours in Europe and Asia.

Business travel. As an independently owned and operated travel partner of American Express Global Business Travel, for over three decades, Magri Turismo offers a wide spectrum of of business travel requirements.

American Express Global Business Travel network has presence in nearly 120 countries on six continents, which means that no matter where our customers do business, we’re nearby and ready to help them succeed.

Strategic guidelines

Provide a high quality tourism service inside and outside Bolivia through an efficient, safe, inclusive and innovative operation satisfying and surpassing the expectations of our clients.

To be leaders of tourism of high quality in Bolivia.


  • ETHICS. Transparency at all levels of the organization, from management and general staff to   providers of services, always with great emphasis on the client.
  • LOYALTY. Mutual commitment between the company and its employees.
  • RESPECT. Be socially responsible, especially with local communities, promoting conservation and rescue of cultural values that characterize the destinations and their people.
  • QUALITY. Offer the best service available in the market, investing in technology and always strengthen the excellence of the tourism chain built since the foundation of the company.
  • SAFETY. Continuous improvement in all aspects to ensure a safe operation.


Organization and Infraestructure

Departamento de Viajes de Negocio

Pasajes nacionales e internacionales
Hoteles y servicios dentro y fuera de Bolivia
Alquiler de coches
Seguros de viaje
Viajes de incentivo para empresas e instituciones
Trámites de viaje
Transporte de/al aeropuerto
Asistencia en aeropuerto

Departamento de Vacaciones

Servicios turísticos en Bolivia
Turismo ecológico y de aventura
Trekking y andinismo
Circuitos y paquetes en el resto del mundo
Hoteles dentro y fuera de Bolivia
Alquiler de coches
Seguros de viaje
Trámites de viaje

Departamento de Ferias y Congresos

Organización de viajes a ferias, congresos, exposiciones y otros eventos
Organización de seminarios y congresos en Bolivia
Información permanente acerca de eventos a nivel mundial